God forgive me for saying so, but, at more than 200 years old, our revolution appears to have slowed to the point where it got hijacked by unscrupulous rapscallions.  Although the principles behind representative government remain strong and alluring, in practice corruption has left it wallowing in muck.  Free and independent people are being reduced to serfs and here is the HOW and WHY:

How we got caught with our pants down on September 11th and who was to blame
Why Congress won't let women register for the draft
How credit cards enslave consumers with double digit interest rates
Why it is easier for a corporation to go bankrupt than an individual
How "houses of worship" are being transformed into "places of business"
Why saturation advertising unfairly influences consumers
How abandoned H-bombs are threatening our shores
Why alternative lifestyles have become the norm
How somebody else's vote counts for more than yours
Why Enron won't go away and how corruption has bushwhacked the economy

Midwest Book Review by Laurel A. Johnson, author and reviewer from Nebraska, March 12, 2003 - Well written and honest.  It isn't very often that I'm at a loss for the proper words to express myself, but the reading of this book left me all but speechless.  Not only did this author attack sacred cows we taxpayers have long suspected to be less than sacred, but he did it with logical and engrossing prose.  Three detailed appendices and a seven-page bibliography support his contention that we've all been 'bushwhacked' by experts at the game.  Fred Dungan is obviously a self-reliant man who takes his responsibilities as a citizen seriously.  His avowed belief is that we are all bound by law and honor to keep our house in order.  By 'house', he means his house, my house, your house and our common home, the United States of America.  The evidence he sets forth proves rather disturbingly that we have not been paying close enough attention to our obligations as Americans.  From the national heartbreak of September 11 to environmental nightmares, from homeless two-job families to the legislators who feather their own plush nests in perpetuity, from women in the military to the Enron scandal, Mr. Dungan leaves no dirtied rock unturned. And he pulls no punches.  He asks hard questions and provides answers that inform and outrage.  Among the questions he asked that I found most intriguing were:  Exactly WHO is really responsible for postal workers 'going postal'?  Are our brains being short-circuited by technology?  What would we do if the social order in America suddenly crumbled?  What is the ONE WORD that set back 200 years the freedoms of human rights and religion in the USA? (I'll give you a hint. WACO).  Do we LIKE being misgoverned, misrepresented and systematically fleeced by corrupt and money grubbing politicians, and do we even care enough about our land and the people in it to stop them?  Do citizens ignore the damaging effect of soft money because we have grown complacent from soft living?  There's much more to Bushwhacked than this small attempt at a lucid review.  Very little escapes the microscope the author forces us to look through.  It was well-written and honest.  I applaud the messenger and his powerful message.  In my opinion, this book was well worth the read.
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